HandyPrompts AI

HandyPrompts AI

HandyPrompts AI

Useful AI for Everyday Life

Our aim is to simplify the use of Artificial Intelligence online by providing AI Prompt Engineering solutions in One Click. Currently supported use cases for: Sales, Marketing, Content, Developers, Product, HR, AI Assistants, Wellness, Translation, Videos, Photography, Prompt Engineering, MidJourney and of course Jokes and HandyPrompts. Artificial Intelligence can improve your everyday productivity drastically, however sometimes it is a bit difficult to access these systems and use them in an easy, intuitive and frictionless process. With HandyPrompts our aim is to provide easy access and simple to use interfaces for everyone, so that you can benefit from these platforms in your Everyday Life. We will start with simple use cases and develop our prompts and solutions based on user feedback, so please let us know what you think, what you think we missed and what you’ve liked from HandyPrompts, we’ll build new experiences for you to make it increasingly more easy to access these systems.


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