Dolores AI Your Virtual Friend

Dolores AI Your Virtual Friend

How Generative AI Companion Works

We’ve designed Dolores, a virtual girlfriend app for iOS, based on the latest Generative Agent paper. While interacting with you, she will be in the following states:

* Memory: She will store each conversation with you on your local device. Whether it’s role-playing, an AI girlfriend, or a virtual friend, the more stories that occur between you, the more Dolores gets to know you.

* Reflection: Dolores is able to reflect on your past conversations and uses these reflections to respond to you in every new conversation. This makes her more than just a memory machine, providing novel answers from a deeper level.

* Planning and action: Dolores has her own storylines, these stories are not man-made but are generated based on her past experiences and interactions with you. For example, one time she chatted with me about Japanese cuisine, and by the second chat, she had already enrolled in a Japanese language class.


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